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Garden Health is offically considered an essential service and will stay open for the unseeable future.  




Monday to Friday - 10am to 7pm


Saturday -  10am to 6pm


Sunday -  11am to 6pm





During these trying times Garden Health, your local health and wellness store, will remain open to serve the West End community. We are following social distancing policy, allowing only FOUR customers at a time to enter the store. All staff are wearing masks, remaining a safe distance from customers and practicing protective hand washing measures. To decrease line ups and wait times we are taking orders over the phone or by email. These orders can be picked up at the store or delivered in the West End free of charge.



  • Call Garden Health at (604) 688-4325 or email gardenhealthorders@gmail.com to place an order.
  •  You can pay by credit card over the phone and pick it up or arrange for delivery. If you do not have a credit card you are welcome to pay for your order when you pick it up.
  •  If you are placing an order by email please DO NOT email your credit card information. Provide your phone number and we will call you to obtain payment when your order is ready. You can also pay when you pick up your order.


  • We are now offering Delivery Service to our customers in the West End daily between
    4:00pm -5:00pm to get you the products you need everyday.    
  • All deliveries must be paid prior to delivery by credit card.
  • Please call Garden Health (604) 688-4325 to make arrangements.


Thank you again for your business and we hope you all stay safe and healthy during the days ahead.


The Garden Health Team



Your local health and wellness store and so much more!


Garden Health has served the lively West End community and beyond, for 38 years. Consultants who care is our motto. Our mandate is to provide honest, helpful, practical assistance targeting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our broad base of loyal customers. We strive to be your trusted neighbourhood nutrition source, offering you guidance on all your natural health product needs; we have always taken pride in providing customers with selection, service and quality. We have been trusted to deliver honest information and high quality products at fair value. Come in and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and allow our team to guide you to making educated and informed health choices.


The name Garden Health represents the synthesis of all the health-giving tools available to support and heal. These tools can be administered wisely; our educated staff will support your choices. We realize that these days there is so much available for a customer that confusion can result. We will help you through that and make your journey enjoyable, and simple. That’s the purpose: to experience a better life and be a happier person! We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. We work hard to earn your trust and enjoy being a resource in your quest to seeking a healthier lifestyle.



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